Online vs. Offline Classes

Learning and teaching patterns have changed tremendously in the last decade. As a world going towards digitalization more and more institutes are coming up with online education ideas. On one hand ideas such as The University of People, free education for all flourishing while, on the other hand, paid courses from industry experts are given via online. So, the question spurs what are these systems and how they differ to each other? And, which one is the best? Let’s solve all your queries one by one.    

Online Classes

Online classes are the system of taking classes online without having to travel to any physical institute for it. You can take class sessions at your convenience and flexibility, sitting at home. Online classes are also known as distance learning programs; however, there is a slight difference between the two. Distance learning programs can be based on correspondence through the post (traditional approach) whereas complete online classes can be one in which examinations and all the studies take place online only. Online courses are the great opportunity for individuals with family responsibilities, working professionals or the person who travels a lot, to build their portfolio or gain some skills. 

Offline Classes

It is considered as the traditional education system. Students have to go to a physically present institute, school or college for learning. There is a more personal connection between teacher and student but it comes at the expense of traveling time and cost. If you are considering to live in dorms and learn from your peers then offline education is a more preferable mode of education than online. The cost is a bit higher though your surroundings of people will include  

Advantages of Online Classes:

Cost effective: The expenses to live in a dorm or travel to study can be avoided in the online course.

Convenient: The classes can be attended at your comfort while sitting at home or wherever and whenever you want. No time and place limitations.

Self-Discipline: It develops self-discipline as you would only be able to complete the course when you are motivated, organized, and disciplined. 

Access to More Resources: Learning online is more resourceful as the internet is almost an indispensable part of our lives now. You can find credible information related to each topic in your study material, in fact, online lessons generally provide additional resource links to make students better understand the topic. 

Disadvantages of Online Classes:

Requires Internet: It is mandatory to have the internet connection to attend online lectures.

Isolated form of learning: No peer to peer connection or interaction with classmates to learn from them. It is a more isolated form of learning.  

Late Response Time: As classes happen to take online immediate support cannot be assured. As online, a question or query sent will only get resolved if someone is available on the other side.

Advantages of Offline Classes:

Interactive: Students can talk to each other in real time and the personal connection between teachers and students can be established as everyone is present in one classroom. It leads to more interactive sessions.

Fast Response: In one on one offline sessions, there is a high probability of getting immediate response and resolve student’s query.

Better Completion Rate: As offline classes are more interactive, the overall course completion rate is much higher than online where a person needs to be self-motivated to complete the course. 

Disadvantages of Offline Classes:

Over Dependency: It is not a completely independent form of learning and students generally become overly dependent on the teachers for every detail.

Costly: Travel and other expenses related to accommodation and all make offline education more costly than the modern internet-based learning approach related to accommodation and all makes offline education more costly than the modern internet-based learning approach. 

Fewer Resources & Explorations: Offline resources are in a form of books and journals. Its free availability is dependent on the institution services if the institution doesn’t provide such material for free then it becomes restricted to student’s budget. The chances of exploring more and finding things out for themselves are less.  

Industry Culture

India is the youngest nation, its unemployment ratio is spurring day-by-day. Any opportunity for setting themselves league apart is taken up with open arms. It is not really surprising to see a gradual upward trend in Indian online education industry. Not only India other developing nations have adopted e-learning too considering the major benefits of it.  Top institutes like Harvard, Yale, and IIM’s are also providing online courses; however, so far the completion ratio of online courses has been a concern for all these institutes. The completion rate is low across the board 0.8% to 7.5%

A research has found out that the major reasons for failures are limited communication, lack of personal responsibility and teacher instruction. 

How Industry is adapting Online Classes? 

It indeed seems online learning is growing surely but the fact remains the same the problems and drawbacks of MOOC’s have given an opportunity for online private tutors to shine. Organizations such as Handakafunda are coming up with the concept of online private tutoring in a form of live classes with the excellent use of technology and online teaching. It’s a great example of how a private tutor turns out to be an entrepreneur offering CAT tutorials online. It tapped the untouched market and exploited the weaknesses of current online system. It has given access to the same kind of coaching to students in a small town as students in the metro cities.  

Final Takeaways

At the end, which type of approach the modern online classes or traditional offline classes is good for you totally depends on your individual preferences and the various factors that differentiate online and offline classes such as cost  and personal attention. 

If the individual is looking for a more hybrid approach to save cost and time and getting personal attention at the same time then online private tutors are preferable. Online institutes like Handakafunda is quite a good option for such students.

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